Buddha Bowls !!!

Buddha Bowls!!

I love all kinds of Buddha Bowls. These are filling dishes made of greens, beans, healthy grains, dressing and nuts or seeds ( Eat this not that, 2015). It is funny to have a healthy food named after a man with a large round tummy (well depending on the country). Sometime Buddha is a slim man but that is besides the point. The reason I am doing this post is because I LOVE Buddha bowl’s! I fell in love with them at a local restaurant in California called Wilda’s. They make the best, most addicting version of a Buddha bowl. I have tried to replicate it but I will never get it exactly right. While trying to find a similar recipe, I stumbled upon some very great recipes for Buddha bowls. These recipes are nourishing and delicious.

Below are a list of yummy Buddha Bowls that you need to try !!!!

  1. This recipe used peanut butter and lime juice together! Sounds interesting doesn’t it? You should try it because these ingredients are easy to find and complement each other well. The pictures on this post are from this recipe. I made this yesterday and my fiancé and I loved it. He said it was excellent and different. We get bored easily and this recipe is easy not boring at all! Mucho flavor !!!!
  2. Vegan Buddha Bowl! We are not vegan but I really enjoy many vegan recipes. Buddha bowls can be universal in my opinion. You can make then gluten free, vegan and dairy free. I love this about them. Most people who eat a lot of meat love them as well. The restaurant that introduced me to Buddha bowls was loved by all. It was not just a “hippy” place.
  3. Greek Buddha Bowls! Yum! I love Greek salads and this has some of the same ingredients. It has grain and beans in it. That is what separates it from a regular Greek salad

I wish I could find a recipe that is similar to the Buddha bowls that I had back home but I cannot find anything that is similar. I will explain it. It has brown rice, black beans, cabbage, cilantro, grilled chicken and a magic sauce. The sauce was creamy and red white in color. It was addicting and simple. They would serve it in a Chinese take-out container with chopsticks. You could spot someone enjoying this dish from a mile away and instantly start to crave it.

The problem with where I live now is that ingredients are hard to find. I can not get lemon grass to save my life but the recipe’s above use easily found ingredients.

I hope you try one of these recipes or order one when you see it offered on a menu! I will now try them all because I am searching for that familiar one I used to eat in Northern California. Enjoy! I know I will 🙂 !


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Six Reasons to Meal Prep!

I bet you have heard a lot about meal prepping. On every social media platform, I see someone posting prepped meals. Normally they have some kind of motivational hashtag attached to these posts.  For a long time I thought what a nice idea but never imaged myself taking part in this movement. I figured it was only for really fit people but then my mom called me and told me she loved meal prepping. She shared some mason jar salad recipes she was using.

My mom motivated me to try it and now I am a hooked. I can imagine going back. I cook once and eat all week. My diet is so much more balance and I am feel like I am being good to my body!


Below are a list of reasons why meal prepping is so awesome!

1.You save money!

People say eating healthy is expensive and it can be. I only purchase foods that are in season for  the most part and that helps me save on cost.

2. You always have something easy to grab and it is healthy!

I love this. I am a working student who does not have time to cook myself three meals a day. I enjoy not thinking about my meals and just having them planned out ahead of time. I do not have to think and I am eating a clean diet.

3. You feel better when you eat better!

When I am eating a balanced diet, I feel more alive.  I get out of bed more easily and I have so much more energy. I try to remember this when I need to motivate myself to meal prep.

4. Meal prepping helps with portion control!

You can be eating healthy but still overeating and prepping makes this a no brainier. You only eat what you have in your little container. I never feel hungry after eating my prepped meal but if I had extra rice, I would eat it all and that it why I love the portion control prepping offers.

5. It makes your goals more attainable!

Whether your goal is lose, maintain or gain weight prepping makes it easy. You put whatever it is in the container that helps you reach your goal.

6. Work smarter not harder!

I am lazy and for me cooking once a week is amazing! Lunch is my hardest meal and that is the meal I focus on. I know people who prep every meal but I am happy with just prepping my lunches and snakes.


Interesting fact, the nutrition labels will be changing soon according to the FDA. There should be more information about heart disease and other diseases. The good news is that if you eat a clean healthy diet this change will not effect you. I rarely look at labels anymore because  I have been eating food that does not have them and that makes me proud. Meal prepping healthy meals means saying good bye to reading nutrition labels.

I hope you go out and try meal prepping! Thank you for reading!

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Fancy Toast !

Let’s talk about toast!


Why? I was recently given as toaster and back in January I had some of the best toast for breakfast at this little hipster café in San Francisco. It was amazing and I think about it all the time.

This cafe had three pieces of toast on the menu and figured I has to try it. One of the pieces of toast was toasted to perfection, covered in avocado and then the most delicious bacon was placed on top. Another one had a mystery sauce, fresh sliced tomato and basil. The last had a fried egg, salsa and cilantro on top. This was so simple yet unforgettable.

I have seen this kinds of recipes on Pinterest before but never took the time to try them and way underestimated the flavor they had! Now, with my new toaster I have been making up all kinds of fancy toasts for myself.

I love that toast has been the ultimate side dish and now it is stealing the show!

Fun fact: Toast is ancient and early civilization used to brown bread. The Romans got the idea from the Egyptians in 500 BC!! So, toast is really old and I think it is in need of some sprucing up!

Below are some“fancy” toast recipes to try!!

  • 1) Hard Boiled Egg!

Step 1: toast the toast. Step 2: Spread some mayo on it. Step 3: slice the up a hard boiled egg and place it on the toast. Step 4: drizzle the toast with olive oil (I use basil infused olive oil). This is extremely simple and I eat it all the time. In fact this is my go to because I always have hard boiled eggs on hand. They make for a healthy snack!!


  • 2) Goat Cheese!

Step 1: put some goat cheese on the toast (yummy, try it). Step 2: Put some kinds of fruit on it. Melon is the best to me and then drizzle with agave!

  • 3) Classic!

Step 1: spread some peanut butter on that toast. Side note: We have to buy this in bulk because we eat so much of it and we are a two person house hold. It is ridiculous!  Step 2: slice up some banana and put it on the peanut butter. If you would like add some chia seeds and ta dah you are done!

  • 4) Tropical!

Step 1: add some cottage cheese to the toast. Step 2: add pineapple slices. Step 3: add cashews. Now enjoy !

I hope this post has helped you re think about toast. The little café change the toast game for me and I am enjoying every bit of it! I really love simple delicious food and there are endless possibilities with toast. The flavor combinations can get wild!

I plan to incorporate flavored balsamic and more infused olive oils when I make my fancy toast. My family grows olives in northern California and I am always looking for new ways to enjoy olive/olive oil. My family gets pretty bored and so I will look for ways to spice things up!

I find toast inspiration all over the place. Pinterest, buzz feed, Facebook (those tasty videos) and many other places on the internet!   Enjoy trying these easy recipes and enjoy toast!

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My Favorite Franks Redhot Recipes!

I think hot sauce is the best condiment ever invented! What I have found is that spicy dishes are easy to make and so enjoyable to consume. I use a lot of Tabasco sauce because my cooking style is influenced by my soon to be mother-in-law and she is from Louisiana. She makes the most amazing spicy comfort food and that might be why I am marrying into the family. ONLY KIDDING but I love Cajun cooking!


Once I was introduced to the many uses of Tabasco I ventured out and discovered  Franks Redhot (buffalo) sauce. It is more than a wing sauce and I use it to make so many different kinds of dishes. Whenever I am trying to eat healthy I bake different proteins  and poor Franks Redhot all over it!

Franks RedHot Sauce dates back to 1918 and was made by a farmer in Louisiana. It’s Cajun and I did not even know! No, wonder I love it so much!

Below is a list of the top three uses for Buffalo Sauce

  1. Buffalo Chicken Wraps

These are amazing and healthy! This dish is so simple and light. What you do is cut up chicken breast into bite size pieces, cover the chicken in Franks Redhot sauce, then roll the chicken in Panko bread crumbs and bake. Click here to go to the recipe that I adore!

      2. Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower Bites 

This is also a lighter recipe. The only problem with this sauce is that it is high in sodium.  So people who are watching their salt intake might need to try a different sauce. This recipe batters and bakes cauliflower to perfection and then covers it in Franks Redhot sauce. I make this for football games and people complain about the cauliflower until they actually try it! Click here for the recipe!

  1. Classic Hot Wings

You cannot do a Franks Redhot sauce post without mentioning that this sauce is famous for making hot wings. My favorite recipe is the Ree Drummond recipe from food network. Note, this is not healthy like the other recipes in this list but man oh man is it yummy. We fry the wings on an outside burner which helps with the mess of fried foods. Click here for the recipe !


I hope you enjoyed this post and try one of the recipes above! You will not be disappointed and the healthy recipes do not taste healthy at all. I love it when I can find a recipe that is delicious and good for my body! Let me know witch one is your favorite!


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Marketing with a Website!


First I am going to look at the website www.ipsy.com and analyze it from a marketing perspective. I know, Ipsy does not need any more free publicity but they have a very effective unique website and service.

What Ipsy does well is target the audience. They found a need and have used word of mouth to really get the business going. There is not much information on the website about the service unless you really search for it. So this means people who are visiting the site already know about this new way of receiving makeup. THAT IS AMAZING! HOW DID THEY DO IT?!

They have created a need in the beauty market and the website is the only way they do business. Ipsy saw that people would like to try beauty products but could not really afford everything they would like to try. Ipsy did a nice job telling people they could get samples sent to their homes for a small fee each month. How did they get people to pay for samples? Well, personally I live in an area that does not have beauty counters and I use it for convenience. They saw that people had a need for purchasing samples. Also, I started using this service because all of my friends told me how awesome it was. Word of mouth is the best marketing strategy.

Ispy has great two-way communication. They have a page on the website the talks about the Ipsy community on social media. Ipsy encourages people to share about the products they try and help out other people interested in using the Ipsy service. Visit  https://www.ipsy.com/community to see a great example of two- way communication between company and customer.

Ipsy gathers information from customers on social media and when you sign up for the service. I used to always see Ipsy adds on my social media platforms. Probably because I liked make up companies and follow popular make up artists on social media.

Ispy is doing a great job at interacting with customers. I had to update my billing information and it was so simple. They gave me plenty of notice and multiple reminders. I needed to be reminded constantly because Ipsy is not one of my main priorities and they recognize that as a company.

Ipsy had a great marketing plan and they use the website in a very innovative way.