Marketing with a Website!


First I am going to look at the website and analyze it from a marketing perspective. I know, Ipsy does not need any more free publicity but they have a very effective unique website and service.

What Ipsy does well is target the audience. They found a need and have used word of mouth to really get the business going. There is not much information on the website about the service unless you really search for it. So this means people who are visiting the site already know about this new way of receiving makeup. THAT IS AMAZING! HOW DID THEY DO IT?!

They have created a need in the beauty market and the website is the only way they do business. Ipsy saw that people would like to try beauty products but could not really afford everything they would like to try. Ipsy did a nice job telling people they could get samples sent to their homes for a small fee each month. How did they get people to pay for samples? Well, personally I live in an area that does not have beauty counters and I use it for convenience. They saw that people had a need for purchasing samples. Also, I started using this service because all of my friends told me how awesome it was. Word of mouth is the best marketing strategy.

Ispy has great two-way communication. They have a page on the website the talks about the Ipsy community on social media. Ipsy encourages people to share about the products they try and help out other people interested in using the Ipsy service. Visit to see a great example of two- way communication between company and customer.

Ipsy gathers information from customers on social media and when you sign up for the service. I used to always see Ipsy adds on my social media platforms. Probably because I liked make up companies and follow popular make up artists on social media.

Ispy is doing a great job at interacting with customers. I had to update my billing information and it was so simple. They gave me plenty of notice and multiple reminders. I needed to be reminded constantly because Ipsy is not one of my main priorities and they recognize that as a company.

Ipsy had a great marketing plan and they use the website in a very innovative way.