Fancy Toast !

Let’s talk about toast!


Why? I was recently given as toaster and back in January I had some of the best toast for breakfast at this little hipster café in San Francisco. It was amazing and I think about it all the time.

This cafe had three pieces of toast on the menu and figured I has to try it. One of the pieces of toast was toasted to perfection, covered in avocado and then the most delicious bacon was placed on top. Another one had a mystery sauce, fresh sliced tomato and basil. The last had a fried egg, salsa and cilantro on top. This was so simple yet unforgettable.

I have seen this kinds of recipes on Pinterest before but never took the time to try them and way underestimated the flavor they had! Now, with my new toaster I have been making up all kinds of fancy toasts for myself.

I love that toast has been the ultimate side dish and now it is stealing the show!

Fun fact: Toast is ancient and early civilization used to brown bread. The Romans got the idea from the Egyptians in 500 BC!! So, toast is really old and I think it is in need of some sprucing up!

Below are some“fancy” toast recipes to try!!

  • 1) Hard Boiled Egg!

Step 1: toast the toast. Step 2: Spread some mayo on it. Step 3: slice the up a hard boiled egg and place it on the toast. Step 4: drizzle the toast with olive oil (I use basil infused olive oil). This is extremely simple and I eat it all the time. In fact this is my go to because I always have hard boiled eggs on hand. They make for a healthy snack!!


  • 2) Goat Cheese!

Step 1: put some goat cheese on the toast (yummy, try it). Step 2: Put some kinds of fruit on it. Melon is the best to me and then drizzle with agave!

  • 3) Classic!

Step 1: spread some peanut butter on that toast. Side note: We have to buy this in bulk because we eat so much of it and we are a two person house hold. It is ridiculous!  Step 2: slice up some banana and put it on the peanut butter. If you would like add some chia seeds and ta dah you are done!

  • 4) Tropical!

Step 1: add some cottage cheese to the toast. Step 2: add pineapple slices. Step 3: add cashews. Now enjoy !

I hope this post has helped you re think about toast. The little café change the toast game for me and I am enjoying every bit of it! I really love simple delicious food and there are endless possibilities with toast. The flavor combinations can get wild!

I plan to incorporate flavored balsamic and more infused olive oils when I make my fancy toast. My family grows olives in northern California and I am always looking for new ways to enjoy olive/olive oil. My family gets pretty bored and so I will look for ways to spice things up!

I find toast inspiration all over the place. Pinterest, buzz feed, Facebook (those tasty videos) and many other places on the internet!   Enjoy trying these easy recipes and enjoy toast!

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