Six Reasons to Meal Prep!

I bet you have heard a lot about meal prepping. On every social media platform, I see someone posting prepped meals. Normally they have some kind of motivational hashtag attached to these posts.  For a long time I thought what a nice idea but never imaged myself taking part in this movement. I figured it was only for really fit people but then my mom called me and told me she loved meal prepping. She shared some mason jar salad recipes she was using.

My mom motivated me to try it and now I am a hooked. I can imagine going back. I cook once and eat all week. My diet is so much more balance and I am feel like I am being good to my body!


Below are a list of reasons why meal prepping is so awesome!

1.You save money!

People say eating healthy is expensive and it can be. I only purchase foods that are in season for  the most part and that helps me save on cost.

2. You always have something easy to grab and it is healthy!

I love this. I am a working student who does not have time to cook myself three meals a day. I enjoy not thinking about my meals and just having them planned out ahead of time. I do not have to think and I am eating a clean diet.

3. You feel better when you eat better!

When I am eating a balanced diet, I feel more alive.  I get out of bed more easily and I have so much more energy. I try to remember this when I need to motivate myself to meal prep.

4. Meal prepping helps with portion control!

You can be eating healthy but still overeating and prepping makes this a no brainier. You only eat what you have in your little container. I never feel hungry after eating my prepped meal but if I had extra rice, I would eat it all and that it why I love the portion control prepping offers.

5. It makes your goals more attainable!

Whether your goal is lose, maintain or gain weight prepping makes it easy. You put whatever it is in the container that helps you reach your goal.

6. Work smarter not harder!

I am lazy and for me cooking once a week is amazing! Lunch is my hardest meal and that is the meal I focus on. I know people who prep every meal but I am happy with just prepping my lunches and snakes.


Interesting fact, the nutrition labels will be changing soon according to the FDA. There should be more information about heart disease and other diseases. The good news is that if you eat a clean healthy diet this change will not effect you. I rarely look at labels anymore because  I have been eating food that does not have them and that makes me proud. Meal prepping healthy meals means saying good bye to reading nutrition labels.

I hope you go out and try meal prepping! Thank you for reading!

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