Buddha Bowls !!!

Buddha Bowls!!

I love all kinds of Buddha Bowls. These are filling dishes made of greens, beans, healthy grains, dressing and nuts or seeds ( Eat this not that, 2015). It is funny to have a healthy food named after a man with a large round tummy (well depending on the country). Sometime Buddha is a slim man but that is besides the point. The reason I am doing this post is because I LOVE Buddha bowl’s! I fell in love with them at a local restaurant in California called Wilda’s. They make the best, most addicting version of a Buddha bowl. I have tried to replicate it but I will never get it exactly right. While trying to find a similar recipe, I stumbled upon some very great recipes for Buddha bowls. These recipes are nourishing and delicious.

Below are a list of yummy Buddha Bowls that you need to try !!!!

  1. This recipe used peanut butter and lime juice together! Sounds interesting doesn’t it? You should try it because these ingredients are easy to find and complement each other well. The pictures on this post are from this recipe. I made this yesterday and my fiancé and I loved it. He said it was excellent and different. We get bored easily and this recipe is easy not boring at all! Mucho flavor !!!!
  2. Vegan Buddha Bowl! We are not vegan but I really enjoy many vegan recipes. Buddha bowls can be universal in my opinion. You can make then gluten free, vegan and dairy free. I love this about them. Most people who eat a lot of meat love them as well. The restaurant that introduced me to Buddha bowls was loved by all. It was not just a “hippy” place.
  3. Greek Buddha Bowls! Yum! I love Greek salads and this has some of the same ingredients. It has grain and beans in it. That is what separates it from a regular Greek salad

I wish I could find a recipe that is similar to the Buddha bowls that I had back home but I cannot find anything that is similar. I will explain it. It has brown rice, black beans, cabbage, cilantro, grilled chicken and a magic sauce. The sauce was creamy and red white in color. It was addicting and simple. They would serve it in a Chinese take-out container with chopsticks. You could spot someone enjoying this dish from a mile away and instantly start to crave it.

The problem with where I live now is that ingredients are hard to find. I can not get lemon grass to save my life but the recipe’s above use easily found ingredients.

I hope you try one of these recipes or order one when you see it offered on a menu! I will now try them all because I am searching for that familiar one I used to eat in Northern California. Enjoy! I know I will 🙂 !


“How to Make a Buddha Bowl for Weight Loss.” Eat This Not That. N.p., 19 June 2015. Web. 14 Mar. 2017.



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